The Pot Calls The Kettle An Unimpressive Intellect

Here’s a snippet from Al Gore’s appearance on 60 Minutes talking about global warming skeptics:

Two things about this clip, particularly in naming the skeptics of global warming:

  • “You mean Dick Cheney?” he asks. Seriously, who’s the vice president in his world? Al Gore throws this out just so that he can say the fighting words Dick Cheney and so the faithful can react appropriately to the invocation of the demon. Seriously. And then, “Mm-hm.” Pompous (can’t think of appropriate noun for Al Gore, sorry).
  • Secondly, who does this fellow think he is? Doctor Al Gore, credentialed climatologist? The only reason he’s gotten the attention he’s gotten for his position and the stepladder to the pedestal he’s standing on come from having the titles Senator and Vice-President in front of his own name. So he’s going to start demeaning them now?

Goofball. Pompous goofball. There, I have a noun for him.

Maybe he’ll get pulled from the Democratic bench this year, and the Republicans can beat him again.

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