Post-Dispatch Covers Bass Tournament

Sorry, it’s a fishing expedition of another sort:

They say it was the town’s worst kept secret.

“People were always saying, ‘We saw them here. We saw them there,'” said Florence Streeter, who owns several rental properties in Valley Park.

And Mayor Jeffery Whitteaker, people said, didn’t help himself by refusing to answer questions about his relationship to his secretary last year, during a deposition for a lawsuit over the town’s ordinances targeting illegal immigrants.

Did he have a “social relationship” with the secretary, a lawyer asked him.

So how does that have direct bearing on ordinances covering immigration? Oh, yeah, trying to shame the mayor so he will back down.

I’m not all of a sudden defending adultery, but I also don’t care for blackmail or extortion or public shaming for litigious advantage, which is what we’re talking here.

Of course, now the secretary’s suing for getting fired after the relationship ended, which is why the paper is covering it. But the leading anecdote really highlights shoddy legal work.

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