Diplomacy That Works

I recently got into an IM discussion with an old friend who’s taken the blue pill. We were talking about how the United States coerces the world to watching Dallas and makes the world hate us with our aggressive military posture. He held up the fact that diplomacy worked in North Korea as an instance where the military didn’t have to invade, and everyone loved the United States.

Yeah, it’s a good example: build nukes, and the United States will give you things.

Looks like the diplomacy ain’t working all that well either:

North Korea underscored its anger over South Korea’s tough new stance toward the communist country with the test-firing of short-range missiles.

The launches Thursday night also came as the North issued a stern rebuke to Washington over an impasse at nuclear disarmament talks, warning the Americans’ attitude could “seriously” affect the continuing disablement of Pyongyang’s atomic facilities.

On the other hand, it did go about as well as the conversation, which included casting US soldiers as rapists, too, in all earnestness and intellectual rigor. That is about where the philosophical inquiry ended.

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1 thought on “Diplomacy That Works

  1. I’m still befuddled as to why Saddam just didn’t announce that he really did have nukes back in ’03. He’d still be sitting in a palace somewhere if he had.

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