Jamie Lee Curtis: Formerly Healthy

So Jamie Lee Curtis is on the cover of AARP magazine sometime soon, and in reading an article about it, I uncovered this terrifying bit:

Curtis, who is married to Christopher Guest and the mother of two children, says she reached a turning point two years ago when a tabloid published a photo of her and gave her weight as 161 pounds.

“I was like, `How dare you — I’m not 161 pounds!’ I was indignant. I got home and I went on a scale and I was 161 pounds. I was in denial about it,” she says.

“So I started a really healthy way of eating, just avoiding things that I had been shoving in my mouth. Over the course of a year, I dropped about 20 pounds,” Curtis says.

161 pounds on a tall woman is not what you’d call unattractive. It’s sort of what you’d call, you know, healthy.

Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier to me than a woman who can help me move the furniture, dammit, and someone whom I won’t accidentally break.

Bonus note: If Jamie Lee Curtis shilling for the senior citizens’ magazine isn’t enough to make you feel acutely old, how about the fact that the movie Halloween: H20 is available in 10th anniversary edition DVDs?

2 thoughts on “Jamie Lee Curtis: Formerly Healthy

  1. Come on, Mom, you’re just taunting the normal women again.

    I noticed that after a week of cruise ship food, you’re looking like you’re up to 95 pounds these days.

    Also, my analyst told me to ask you not to inject yourself into discussions of sexy women any more. Thanks.

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