First Task: Rename It Mother Gaia University

When you take a religious educational institution and put a layman in charge, you end up with a secular institution. Next case in point: Cardinal Stritch University:

Cardinal Stritch University has chosen Helen C. Sobehart, associate provost and associate vice president at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, to succeed Sister Mary Lea Schneider as its president, Stritch officials announced Tuesday.

Schneider, who announced her retirement last spring, will step down in June after leading the Franciscan university for 17 years. Sobehart, 60, will be Stritch’s first lay president since it was established in 1937.

Think I’m kidding? Check out the money quote:

“Reverencing creation,” she said, “is just another way to say sustainability and being green. And isn’t that the hot topic these days?”

Leaving aside an adminocrat who makes a word reverencing because it’s longer than revering, we’ve got someone who’s going to skip over the secularism and take this formerly Catholic university into the service of the Earth Mother.

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