Lead Supports the Main Idea

The first paragraph of a story in the San Francisco Chronicle (linked on the site’s home page as THE FORGOTTEN WAR, as though the Iraq War has slipped anyone’s mind), sort of supports one of the reasons for going to war:

The war in Iraq has gone on for five years now, but there is almost no sign of it in the Bay Area, a region where 7 million people live.

Well, that was sort of the point of the flypaper strategy, wasn’t it?

The rest of the piece is a creative writing assignment about how nobody’s protesting or the nation isn’t rising up or something. It does, however, feature this wonderful simile:

Yet the war is a presence in the Bay Area, like an underground river, like a storm just off the coast, like a deadly illness that will not go away.

But deadly illnesses don’t go away until, I dunno, you die.

Sounds like staff writer Carl Nolte is really saying Death to America, ainna?

I guess you could defend him by saying he’s a bad writer.

P.S. I did include your name, Mr. Nolte, so you’d catch this mockery next time you google yourself. Consider yourself mocked!