Mel Carnahan’s Daughter Says People Who Vote With Fake Names on Voter Rolls Already Have Fake Picture IDs

Mo. politicians clash over photo IDs:

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan tells congressional lawmakers that requiring photo IDs for voters won’t do much to stop voter fraud.

She says photo identification only helps in rare cases when someone tries to impersonate another voter.

The Democrat claims a photo ID requirement would do more harm by disenfranchising elderly and poor voters who lack proper ID cards.

Considering how many dead people and underage voters apparently vote in Missouri (story), Robin Carnahan seems to imply that the state of Missouri, in which she is supposed to be Secretary of State but instead seems to have the title of Democrat Party Mole, has already issued photo identification to that same set of the “population,” and that Mickey Mouse would only be caught when he tried to vote as George Washington.

Issuing photo IDs to the dead, to toddlers, and to people whose names match celebrities or cartoon character, I have to admit, seems to be a bigger problem than mere voter fraud.

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