Sunday Night Apple Reminiscing

As a public service, I present to you the Apple II Video Display Worksheet for Graphics (GR) Mode:

Apple II Video Display Worksheet for Graphics (GR) Mode
Click for full size

That should help make your design work go a little smoothly. Press your face against the screen. Can’t you just smell the mimeograph ink?

Additionally, I post for your amusement, the beginning of the source code for a game entitled Spies. No non-disclosure agreement required!

Spies, page 1
Click for full size

It’s not that we had to write the code by hand and put it through an optical scanner, you damn kids, it’s that we in middle school only got access to a computer during seventh hour but spent much of the other six handwriting the code because it was so exciting.

And just so you know, the schools had the Apples, but my first computer was a Commodore, so that’s where I turned off the path of geekanati and into the real world.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Apple Reminiscing

  1. Wow, that takes a girl back.

    Did every kid have a software company name back then? We were “Attack Rabbit Productions”.

  2. Let this be a lesson, fellows; being a pack rat will impress the women about 20 years after the hoarding.

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