St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Criminal Retribution on Law Enforcement Officials

Lawbreaking St. Louis Post-Dispatch “investigators” name a member of the state execution staff. Why? Well, they rely on his misdemeanor criminal past–which does not render him ineligible to perform his duty according to state law–to justify it, but it’s really a way to limit capital punishment in the state, something that hasn’t yet been done legislatively or through the normal end-run means, the courts.

Instead, the Post-Dispatch searches its corporate heart and determines that it is compelled, compelled to put this fellow at risk. It’s against state laws to name these individuals for their safety, so the family, friends, or criminal associates of a condemned and executed party don’t get revenge on the executioners.

But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t mind one or two executioners dying if it can A.) sell newspapers, B.) win valuable journalism prizes, or C.) impede the lawful performance of capital punishment through any means necessary.

It remains to be seen if Attorney General Jay Nixon, a candidate for governor and the preordained endorsed candidate of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will seek putative measures against the paper so that it might enjoy the consequences of its civil disobedience or whether its benefactor will come to its rescue, much like its inspiration Henry David Thoreau, received when he flouted the law to make a point and got out of jail through a deus ex maquina.

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