Putting My Money Where My Blog Is

As you can tell by my sidebar, gentle reader, I support Fred Thompson’s bid for the presidency and probably will far after he’s either elected or withdrawn–I don’t update the sidebar much these days.

However, today I sent a check to the campaign for the first time, putting my money where my blog is.

It’s the first money I’ve sent since 2000, when I backed a candidate who was not nominated. I haven’t sent much to the Republican Party or its committees in recent years, no matter how much of a gold-card member they would like me to be. But I’ve sent money to Fred, and if/when I can scrape up any more extraneous cash, I will send more.

You can, too, using the sidebar or going to the Contribute page which has a credit card form and a poor PDF for mailing checks.

It’s more than this cross-dressing Klingon, apparently.

But let it be known my support has its threshold: I won’t work the phone banks for Fred or any campaign.

1 thought on “Putting My Money Where My Blog Is

  1. I sent a little love to Fred last week. First political contribution, (outside of the Swifties) I’ve ever made.

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