The Miser Chronicles

As one of our biggest home improvement projects in our previous house, sadly enough, we put drawer liners in our kitchen drawers. Surely that added $1000 to the selling price of the home and recouped more than 100% of our investment for the improvement in the sale price–if the purchaser opened the drawers and didn’t rip out the marble-looking liner as part of a complete remodel.

Because I prefer to err on the side of too much, I bought a little more than a roll and a half more of the contact paper than I needed. I injected the complete roll and the partial roll into the second-hand contact paper market through the underground economy, meaning I sold them for a buck or something at a garage sale. However, I found some scrap in my basement that represented some cuttings from the partial roll.

Throw them out? What kind of miser would I be then? I mean, sure, I don’t have a a drawer or two of suitable dimensions to use this contact paper as nature intended it, but I could find some use for it.

And I did:

Christmas gifts wrapped in drawer liner

Now that’s Christmas wrapping paper you can reuse.

I didn’t remove the adhesive backing, so the gifts’ recipient can line two small drawers or wrap gifts herself. Given that she’s a miser, too, I wouldn’t put it past her. However, since it’s my inheritance she’s protecting, go, Mom!

You trained me well.