Taking The Draft Off The Table

In between the bomp-bomp-bomp-bomps of the NPR All Things Considered intro music today, they teased me that one of their upcoming stories was about the possibility of reinstituting the draft.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, I have been hearing that for the last five years. In 2003, my own grandmother expressed fear of it, sure that Bush was going to impress my younger cousins and send them to Iraq.

To heck with it; I am on the bandwagon. Let’s restore the damn thing so that I don’t have to hear horror stories about that particular monster in the closet, children voters, a whole decade.

UPDATE: Here’s the story.

And I’ve reconsidered; if we reinstitute the draft, the same people worried about it coming back would take to the streets to demand its end, again. So we might as well not if they say we’re going to.

UPDATE II: James Joyner weighs in, sort of.