Outlook Good for US Tourism, Exports

Dollar Falls Against Major Currencies:

The dollar fell to new lows against the euro Wednesday, while the pound soared above $2.05 for the first time in more than a quarter of a century as housing and economic worries battered the U.S. currency.

Well, it’s good news for tourism and manufacturing, as US destinations and products are more affordable on the world stage.

Well, unless you’re as fickle as the media. In which case, it’s all bad, regardless. Dollar goes up, it’s bad; dollar goes down, it’s bad; dollar stays the same, it’s bad.

1 thought on “Outlook Good for US Tourism, Exports

  1. The media is quite consistent. The guiding formula is: News + Bush is president = Bad.

    So, for example, we had a report of a “bad” unemployment rate under Bush that just happened to be the same as the “good” unemployment rate under Clinton.

    The economy will turn on a dime when George Bush leaves office and the scales fall from the eyes of the media, the damn snakes.

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