Wilding On Two Wheels

Another Critical Mass in Berkeley, another attack on a motorist. Instead of a mother and her kids, this time the hooligans targeted a 70-year-old man:

A Friday clash between a Berkeley minivan and Critical Mass bicyclists continued to generate conflict Monday as the van driver said the bicyclists placed bicycles under his front tire during the violent melee.

“A certain number of the bicyclists were prepared to do this with malice aforethought,” said Harlan Head, 70, driver of the Chevrolet minivan. “They shoved bicycles under the car and attempted several other things.”

Critical Mass organizer Jason Meggs, 38, who filmed part of the incident on his digital camera, called Head’s accusation “outrageously ridiculous.”

How convenient that the leader of the bihadists had a video to upload to YouTube. So that next month’s Critical Smash event is even more popular amongst the brown jerseys who think they’re not only above the laws of the road, but the laws of the land as well.