Framing, Dear Brian, Framing

A rapacious government doing whatever it can to extract money from its citizens to fund dubious programs? The St. Louis Post-Dispatch cannot tear itself off of the legs of the monied political class. Wait, it’s not just poor governance! It’s predatory bullying:

Some homeowners fuming over reassessment left a town hall meeting here Saturday feeling bounced around by government with no way to fight the double-digit percentage jump in home values.

“The politicians create a bureaucratic jungle,” said Bill Powers, 72, whose Ladue home’s assessed value rose 39 percent.

“The county points to the state. The state points to the county — and they all point to the computer system” that compiles the numbers, Powers said. “The system is flawed, and it’s predatory.”

Well, yeah, that’s how the governments that the Post-Dispatch continually rah-rahs work. They take more and more money from citizens to fund the development projects and other goofball projects for which the paper asks us to “Gimme a G! Gimme an O! Gimme a V! Gimme a E!” and so on.

One must wonder how much the landowners at the top of Post-Dispatch masthead got soaked to allow citizens to feel bullied in print.