Celebrate Brutality with the New York Daily News

So apparently Paris Hilton is going to jail, and here’s the New York Daily News reveling in the brutality behind bars:

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton better watch her back in the Century Regional Detention Facility, visitors who were at the jail yesterday warned.

“If you act like you’re all high-class and uppity,” Denise Chavis said, “you’re done.”

The paper goes on to describe the deplorable nature of life in jail. With glee and a slight taunt. Finally, we’ve brought her down low.

How pathetic. However Paris Hilton emerges from prison, she’ll still be Paris Hilton, and the mean-spirited Daily News West Coast Bureau Chief will still be only that.

1 thought on “Celebrate Brutality with the New York Daily News

  1. She’ll apparently be segregated from the rest of the population. She’s much too important to risk being injured.

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