Book Report: The Prize Winner’s Handbook by Jeffrey Feinman (1980)

As some of you know, I consider myself something of a Sweepstakes Bodhisattva. I’ve seen this book in different places since its inception, and when I saw it again on the table at one of last week’s book fairs, I knew I had to have it, if only to compare my knowledge to its.

This book was written in 1980 by the head of one of the independent judging organizations. He doesn’t hide it, but he does want to offer some insight into the fundamental honesty of the process as well as offering tips on how that sweepstakes contestants can take advantage of that process to have a slightly better shot at winning.

The book takes on sweepstakes, contests, lotteries, and bingo, with about half the book (it seemed) going to lotteries and bingo. There aren’t many ways to shade winning the latter, so there’s a bunch of history to pad the book out from pamphlet size.

Essentially, the tips are enter often and follow the rules. But if you’re interested in contests and sweepstakes, it’s worth a quick glance. It weighs in at 128 paperback pages, and I read the book in about an hour or so.

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