Sometimes Taxes Just Ain’t Enough

Milwaukee Public School seeks "donations":

Is it worth $300 a year for your child to go to the Milwaukee High School of the Arts?

A group of parents involved with the Milwaukee Public Schools’ specialty school is answering yes and has sent all the school’s parents a letter asking them to donate or raise that much per student to strengthen arts programming there.

Although the $300 is not a fee or a requirement, the campaign is about as close as a public school can come to making parents pay extra for activities that are part of the regular content of a school’s program and may be unprecedented in MPS.

Hey, how about firing a couple junior-level administrators?

No, instead, since the normal year-round student-centric fundraising isn’t doing it, how about making them come up with “donations.” We can be sure that students will continue to be chosen for this specialty school on talent, but it might not continue to be artistry in the future.