That’s One Inept Conspiracy

Bush administration distances itself from ailing U.S. automakers:

Please call back after the election.

That’s the message from President George W. Bush’s business-friendly administration to executives of the ailing U.S. auto industry.

Twice this spring, Bush postponed a summit with the chief executives of Ford Motor Co., DaimlerChrysler AG’s Chrysler unit and General Motors Corp., citing scheduling problems.

In a Sept. 8 phone call to Ford Chairman Bill Ford Jr., Bush said he wanted to wait until after the Nov. 7 midterm elections to keep partisan politics from intruding on the event.

I mean, if the Bush administration is wholly owned by Big Oil, what the hell is it doing by not pandering to Big Auto, one of the best mechanisms through which citizens consume Big Oil’s products? I guess the two choices are:

  • The Bush administration isn’t wholly owned by Big Oil.
  • The Bush administration is incompetent in the service of its master, Big Oil.

Many people in the blogosphere will just expect it’s option 2.