L’il Dig?

A large public works project that goes hundreds of millions over budget, leads to suits and counter suits between the city and the contractors, and leads to an unsustainable business model that’s freshly-mewling for more tax money. What could make it better? Oh, yeah, brag about the tunnels:

Instead of burrowing underground like miners, crews ripped open Forest Park Parkway and dug a trench that in some places is 45 feet deep. Reinforced concrete shored up the tunnel walls, and massive precast concrete tops – some weighing up to 30 tons – covered the tunnel.

Oh, boy.

I suspect this one, as only a minor boondoggle, won’t collapse, but if it does, we can easily point our fingers at nearby home owners who will have cost lives to maintain their property values.

Also, the ACLU, somehow.

5 thoughts on “L’il Dig?

  1. Why did it go twice?? Feel free to delete the 2nd one (but keep the first one, its the one I truly meant).

  2. Stand by your words!

    Also, note that not only can I use boondoggle in a sentence, I can actually use it in a sonnet to rhyme with my last name!

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