Wherein I Admit That My Offspring Is A Genius

That is correct, my Post Fetal Creature (PFC) is a freakin’ genius. He’s only six weeks old and he’s already talking. Well, he’s said his first word, anyway. That is correct, at only six weeks old, my heir said, quite clearly, “a.”

What, you noun-and-verb fetishists, an indefinite article isn’t good enough for a first word? No, you want “mommy” or “dada” or “absquatulate” before you’ll consider it a word.

You’re just jealous of my child’s obvious gifts.

3 thoughts on “Wherein I Admit That My Offspring Is A Genius

  1. I don’t think it counts unless you get at least a definite article out of him.

    And no, “da” does not count. Unless it is immediately followed by “Mystery of Chessboxin'” or something similarly Wu-Tangish.

  2. I think “da” should count. Are you sure he didn’t leave off the “d” just to throw some confusion on you?

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