Weber and Dolan, RIP:

Milwaukee radio veteran Jay Weber, longtime co-host of “Weber & Dolan,” has been selected to host his own program, beginning Monday, May 8.

Weber’s new program, The Jay Weber Show, will be heard weekday mornings from 8:30 a.m. until 12 p.m., in the slot now occupied by “Weber & Dolan.”

Bob Dolan, Weber’s partner on News/Talk 1130 WISN for the past seven-and-a-half years, asked for and received permission from the station to withdraw from his on-air duties, in order to spend all of his time managing and performing within Dolan Productions LLC, a television production company that he recently formed.

Frankly, I have feared this coming since the move. Well, actually, I’ve feared it every time that their contract has come up for renewal. I’ve listened to Weber and Dolan since its inception, accidentally.

I caught it first in probably 2000. I was toiling away in a dark computer testing lab by myself and spent the days dialing around the Internet, looking for something to listen to. I lit upon WISN as a voice of home and enjoyed Weber and Dolan before Dr. Laura in the mornings.

Man, I’ve listened to them for a long time. I’ve listened to them with five different employers–DRA, MetaMatrix, Tripos, Jeracor, and infuz. I’ve listened to them through a series of streaming audio providers and their individual foibles and incompatibilities. I’ve listened, and laughed, through sundry Packer seasons. Tragic as it sounds, when I worked from home, I would often comment to my wife about what Weber and Dolan had talked about that day as though they were co-workers.

But they’re breaking up, finally. I guess all good things must pass. Like childhood stars who’ve passed through cuteness and puberty, I guess these fellows need to expand their repertoire before they’re typecast. Okay, I understand. But it saddens me still.

I probably won’t listen to the Jay Weber Show. Part of the draw of the pair was their counterpoints to each other. Jay could be a bit curt and arrogant, but Bob tempered it with his laid-back nature and old-fashionedness. I wish both the best of luck, but I guess it’s iTunes for me in the mornings now.

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