Free Restaurant Idea

If I had a large fortune I wanted to turn into a small fortune, I know what I’d do with it: an ethnic restaurant that could fill a globally-conscious niche, that could authentically charge high prices for small portions and make a mint:

The North Korean Buffet.

Just think of it! I could call it “Happy Kim Garden” or “Revered Buffet”. The menu would be simple: grass boiled in dirty water and dirt. All you can eat of both. I wouldn’t have to restock the buffet very often. At $9.95 for dinner and $5.95 for lunch, I would easily recoup the costs of whatever I would need to buy–I mean, the raw materials are free.

But I don’t have enough to afford the quality downtown location where I could ensnare the hip young professionals who dig that sort of thing.

Ah, well. Back to work.

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