A Talent for Pork

One more reason I am not voting for Jim Talent next election: he brings home the bacon.

Just north of St. Louis, the nation’s two largest rivers merge at a spot that few people visit.

That may be about to change.

On Monday, Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., announced plans to introduce a bill that would provide a special federal designation for the 200-square-mile area around the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers that would be known as the Confluence National Heritage Corridor.

“This is an extraordinary natural landmark and this designation is long overdue,” said Talent, of suburban St. Louis.

The designation seeks federal funding for several conservation, heritage and recreational attractions that are part of an organization called Confluence Greenway.

Talent’s legacy:

  • Turned the Arch pink.
  • That Sudafed Protection bill he co-sponsored with DiFi.
  • The Confluence National Heritage Boondoggle.

And I thought it made a difference when I helped unseat Jean Carnahan.

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