There Ought To Be A Law – Amusing Cartoon, Bad Governing Philosophy

Back in the old days, the Milwaukee Journal ran a cartoon in its Green Sheet called “There Ought to Be a Law”, whose rejoinder/punchline “TOBAL.” followed annoying day to day situations. One would suspect that many the current generation of revered legislators steeped themselves in this comic strip instead of the Constitution, the Federalist papers, or even the watered-down civics books that public schools offer. For behold, the stupidest St. Louis aldermanic idea since peeing in a trash can: Big stereo could cost you your car

City police would be able to seize cars blasting loud music under an ordinance passed Friday by the Board of Aldermen.

The ordinance, which would take effect once signed by Mayor Francis Slay, prohibits the use and even installation of some enhanced speakers.

Hell, you only own your home at the leisure of the leisurely ruling class. Why not your cars, too? Instead of ticketing you, they’ll take your car. And what will they do with that seized car? Sell it at auction, no doubt.

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2 thoughts on “There Ought To Be A Law – Amusing Cartoon, Bad Governing Philosophy

  1. Minor rant:

    Yeh. This idea stinks. Instead, people with “Blaster Cars” should be locked in a concrete bunker with the car’s stereo going full blast until blood runs out their ears. Then, of course, the cars could be sold at auction, sans ALL crap “sound” equipment.

    Death is too kind a fate for the creeps who violate MY hearing. It’s assault AND battery–causing actual physical harm to others. To say I have an active antipathy toward these cretinous vermin is to put it kindly.

    No , owning and operating a car is NOT a “right”–it’s a licensed activity for a reason: public safety. These vermin operate inherently unsafe cars. Inherently, because they DO harm others by their operation. If they want to operate such things in an enclosed space where their sonic assaults cannot harm my hearing, fine. Otherwise, beheading would be fitting. There’s ,nothing in their heads they’d miss anyway.

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