Good News of a Sort from Nigeria

‘More than half survive’ Nigeria crash:

The wreckage of a passenger jet that crashed in central Nigeria has been found, and more than half of the 117 people on board are reported to have survived, officials said.

As Quality Assurance professional who’s extremely conscious of the contingencies required to successfully keep a tube of people aloft, I’m not encouraged that aviation in the United States has seen its safest three years in history nor am I comforted that we’ve not had a major airline crash domestically in years. Because when one of those birds comes down….

A fifty-fifty shot at survival in the rare event that an airline crashes? That brightens my flying mood considerably. Because an aircraft crash that is not an automatic death sentence is much better than an aircraft crash that is. No matter how rare they remain.

Update: Ah, man. Headline amended to 117 killed in Nigeria plane crash