Campaign Finance for the Unreformed – Germany

Here’s one of the other things you get when government pays for political advertising:

A fringe German anarchist party has outraged national television audiences with its election campaign television spot — a video montage of booze-fuelled chaos, syringes and men cavorting with topless women.

Rather than offer any presentation of policies, the party’s campaign spot spliced together scenes of debauched revellers smashing furniture, pouring beer down each other’s throats and groups of couples kissing and groping each other, all set to a frantic heavy metal soundtrack.

As an officially registered political party, the Hamburg-based APPD, which sells t-shirts on its Web site that proclaim “Arbeit ist Scheisse” (“work is shit”), is entitled to free television air time for its advertisements.

Of course this group is approved. Although embarrassing, it is no real threat to the established order. Anything else simply isn’t government-approved.

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