When You Don’t Post Right Away

When the missing Georgia woman appeared in New Mexico with a tale of abduction, I scented some fully-processed bovine food. But I didn’t post fast enough, since she’s admitted she was not abducted after all.

Wilbanks, whose disappearance set off a nationwide hunt, called her fiance, John Mason (search), from a pay phone late Friday and told him that she had been kidnapped while jogging three days before, authorities said. Her family rejoiced that she was safe, telling reporters that the media coverage apparently got to the kidnappers.

But Wilbanks soon recanted, according to police.

Ray Schultz, chief of police in Albuquerque, said Wilbanks “had become scared and concerned about her impending marriage and decided she needed some time alone.” He said she traveled to Las Vegas by bus before going to Albuquerque.

I’d recommend that her fiance be skeptical about her new story, too; I expect she’s got something in her Sent Mail folder and IM archives regarding New Mexico or Nevada.

But I’m just the suspicious type. That’s why I have tapped my own phone to see what my beautiful wife is plotting.