Athletes Refuse Autographs in Rhode Island

After all, Rhode Island is legislating away fees for autographs:

The state Senate has approved a bill that would impose a $100 fine on professional athletes and entertainers who charge anyone under 16 for an autograph.

Dear friends, readers, and people who have come to this site for pictures of Samus Aran naked that I don’t have, what will the result of this law?

Same amount of autograph opportunity availability, but no charge, or Fewer autographing opportunities?

Furthermore, let’s get to the incident that instigated the something-doing by the legislator:

Bill sponsor, Sen. Roger Badeau, said he was appalled when Boston Red Sox players participated in an autograph signing event in Providence after their World Series win last fall, and parents had to shell out nearly $200 so their children could get an autograph.

Fining someone $100 for doing something for $200 is not a deterrent. It’s a tax.

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