But There Won’t Be Smoking Allowed

Attorney: Owner has right to open adult bookstore:

Kleinhans and his attorney Grant Shostak argued the business application should be accepted under Crystal City ordinance.

“It’s the law,” Shostak said. “It is not the whim of this city government to determine whether a business license should be issued. From someone looking from the outside, it appears that if it is something the city likes then it will be issued. If it is something the city doesn’t like, then it will not be issued.”

“We took the city’s ordinance and analyzed the zoning issues,” Kleinhans said. “We studied it and did our due diligence. We have met all of the requirements according to the ordinance.”

Peh, you can do with your property whatever the government wants you to do with it.

Perhaps Shostak should emphasize that smoking will be prohibited on the premises. City councils seem to like to ban that. Or maybe they don’t appreciate voluntary smoking bans since those entrepreneurs prevent the city councils from doing something!!!1!

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