Sharon Stone Puts Down Payment on Land Rover

Story: Sharon Stone steals charity limelight at poverty debate:

Hollywood siren Sharon Stone, more used to the film studio than the business stage, stole the limelight with an impromptu fundraiser at the World Economic Forum that secured one million dollars in aid to Africa.

Seizing her chance during a heavyweight debate on how to tackle poverty in Africa, Stone stood up in the middle of the crowded hall to offer an immediate personal pledge of 10,000 dollars — then challenged others to follow suit.

It rather undercut the big-name panelists, who included Britain’s finance minister Gordon Brown, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the billionaire Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.

That won’t even buy a whole Land Rover for the do-spenders who distribute aid in Africa.

It’s also disingenuous of this journalist to say Sharon Stone upstaged Bill Gates. Let’s write it out with zeros:


Bill Gates donation to Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation

Bill Gates donation to UN for polio vaccines

Bill Gates donation to tsunami relief

Sharon Stone’s donation to poverty relief in Africa

But Bill Gates is an evil capitalist, and Sharon Stone is a feeling artist out of Hollywood with a good pair of legs and, as some lizards would atest, tasty feet, so of course she upstaged Bill Gates by promising an amount equal to 1% of what Sandra Bullock gave to tsunami relief.

But at least Sharon Stone was dressed appropriately, eh, Robin Givhen?

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