Challenge for Pro-Business Governor

Some people have called Missouri’s new governor Matt Blunt “pro-business.” At least one legislator is ready to test that: Senator wants to show exit to Missouri’s adult businesses:

A Show-Me State lawmaker wants a sin tax — on those who show too much.

First, Missouri banished sexy billboards and young strip dancers. Now, Sen. Matt Bartle, R-Kansas City, wants to force adult entertainment businesses out of the state by stripping them of their profits.

Legislation pending in the Senate would impose a 20 percent tax on revenue of all “sexually oriented businesses,” charge a $5 fee for each person entering their doors and prohibit them from staying open late at night.

“The goal of the bill is to make Missouri inhospitable for these businesses,” said Bartle.

If this sort of idiocy passes the legislature, which it might since Republicans frequently feel that some businesses are more equal than others, Governor Blunt should veto it. He probably wouldn’t, since he may be pro-business, but he’s more pro-politics (demonstrated by his career choice).

Bartle would like to drive this sort of business out of Missouri so that people who like to see boobies can do it untaxed on the Internet or in Illinois. Once the thousand or so adult entertainment businesses are closed, he can then cover the budgetary shortfall by taxing other sins–such as eating, drinking, driving, reading, ad absurdum.

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