Tripp Hardin Responds, Lauds Favre

Perhaps I was disingenuous (which depends on what that word means) when I posted this bit about an ill child who met Brett Favre. I explained who I thought was the real hero of the piece:

This John Q [Tripp Hardin] gave up his own tickets and sprung for the flight for the kid and his mother from Texas to Green Bay. Favre? He just showed up and patted the kid on the head.

Tripp Hardin commented in e-mail:

I am the person that you were referring to in your story about Christopher and Brett Favre. I first want to thank you for your kind words regarding me. Second, I would like to correct you in regards to Brett Favre. Brett went beyond the call of duty as did the entire Packer organization. Brett could have just showed up and patted Chris on the head but he did much more. First, he approved the entire visit. It was his decision. Second, He spent an hour with us when he could have gone home to spend time with his wife who in his words “was having a very bad week with her Chemo” (she is suffering from breast cancer). This was on Saturday around noon when the team had from noon to 7pm free time before they needed to be sequestered in the hotel the night before a play-off game. He also spent a few moments taking pictures on the field before warm-ups. Neither actions are something that he had to do. It was simply out of the kindness of his heart. You are correct in that there was wrong focus that weekend. It was mostly focused on the childish antics of a Minnesota Player instead of what really counts, helping people.

I riposted:

I also think you’re being modest. Favre did what gracious athletes do. I’m not knocking Favre, he’s a gracious athlete by all accounts, but you did something even better.

According to the account I read and remarked on, you took the initative and made it happen.

Since it’s my blog, I get the last word, and I stand by my earlier assertion and its reprise. But I posted the exchange so you could see what sort of fellow this Hardin is and so you, gentle reader, would know that someone besides you reads this blog.

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