Book Report: Free Fall by Robert Crais (1993)

I have this book in hardback, but that means instead of bending paperback covers, I got blue ink on my hands from the spine of the de-dustjacketed book. I guess it was worth it.

Elvis Cole receives a visit from a damsel in distress who thinks that her fiance, a cop with an elite undercover group, is in some sort of trouble. The cop visits Cole right after the woman leaves and explains that he’s just cheating on her. Elvis follows up and finds that one of them is lying and one of them is not. It would be a much shorter book if only the woman had been lying.

The book returns to a better hard-boiled standard where the detective is looking for answers and not just solving a problem–even though there’s some of that in this book. Still, I like the style of the plot better than Lullaby Town, and I’m even willing to overlook some questionable plot holes in the beginning–as long as I don’t think about it too much.

Still, it’s better than average detective fiction bordering on the exceptional.