So-Called Watch

From a film review:

In the film “In Good Company,” Dennis Quaid’s character, ad executive Dan Foreman, lives out a fear hidden inside millions of American men and women over 50 — losing their job just when they are hitting their stride professionally.

Foreman has played by the rules all his life and is living the so-called American Dream. He’s respected by peers and clients as the head of ad sales for a weekly New York-based sports magazine. He has a loving wife, Ann, played beautifully by Marg Helgenberger (“Erin Brockovich,” TV’s “CSI”) and two daughters, the oldest of which, Alex (Scarlett Johansson), is just entering New York University.

Is that a sneer towards the values of good family, working hard, living quietly? Why, I think it is! Don’t the plebes know the American dream involves a third floor walk-up in Manhattan, foreign film festivals, and endless nights of trying to score at bars and nightclubs with anemic europhile women?