Steinberg’s Government Overreach

Get a load of this hyperbole from Neil Steinberg today:

You have to laugh. No sooner do we get rid of one Constitution-shredding attorney general, John Ashcroft, then in rolls another, Alberto Gonzales, the man who called the Geneva Convention “quaint.” The man who brought us Abu Ghraib. The man who revised not only American policy, but 2,000 years of Judeo-Christian morality into an ethical system that can be summed up as “torture is fine as long as we do it.”

Not only does Steinberg blame an executive for enforcing laws written ambiguously by those who inquisite Gonzales, but he also admits that his entire ethical system is dependent upon what the government tells him to do and it’s subject to revision by appointed officials at their whim.

No, no, it’s just hyperbole. Ill-conceived hyperbole, but just hyperbole.