You Want Imagination?

San Francisco lawyer and trainer of international prosecutors and other internationalist muckety-mucks Robert S. Rivkin asks:

So — where is the imagination in our national leadership?

Unfortunately, Rivkin’s “imagination” only extends to more taxation on Americans for two years (come on, permanently–taxes don’t go away that easily, or we’d be done wiring rural areas for phone by now) to rebuild southeast Asia:

For example, the president could propose a flat $50 surtax applicable to every American tax return with an adjusted gross income of between $25,000 and $40,000; a flat $75 surtax on every tax return with an adjusted gross income between $40,000 and $80,000; $100 for incomes over $80,000, and so on. This small assessment for two years would produce many billions of dollars, which could be placed into a fund which would support infrastructure repair and development over a period of at least 10 years in the stricken countries.

Hey, you want imagination? How about this proposal: Now, some tribes in devestated areas are probably not that far–maybe a generation or two–from head hunting and cannibalism. How about we send a couple of San Fransisco attorneys to tide them over? We’ve got a surplus here in America, and it’s awful stingy of us to let them simply grow old and die when they could sustain a family for a month.

(Thanks to Jeff Jarvis for starting my morning off right–with indignation and head shaking.)