Academic Arguments

Scientists clash over origin of ‘the Great Dying’:
Volcanic, celestial theories on extinction 250 million years ago take stage in S.F.

A cataclysm 250 million years ago wiped out nearly all life in the Earth’s oceans, and nearly three-quarters of the plants and animals on land vanished too. It was the greatest catastrophe the Earth has ever experienced – – but scientists who study such events are in sharp disagreement over what caused it.

Indeed, scientists in San Francisco are divided: Is it the Bush administration’s environmental policies that rent the space-time continuum to cause a cataclysm in distant the past, or is it a Bush administration policy that has yet to pass? Can good scientists stop the evil Edward H. Haliburton III, who many people don’t realize still plots maniacally in a lair in the Mojave Desert?

Hopefully, a burst of triumphant fanfare will arise from this Science League retreat to save the future and the past!.

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