New Government Seizure

Here’s an interesting story: U.S. orders airlines to turn over passenger data:

The government on Friday ordered airlines to submit personal information about all passengers who flew within the United States during June so it can test a new system designed to identify potential terrorists.

The records sought include the names, addresses and itineraries of passengers who traveled on 72 carriers, including AMR Corp.’s American Airlines and UAL Corp.’s United Airlines, the Transportation Security Administration said.

You know, about 500 people complained during open comment period about how this invades their privacy, or how it invades the privacy of people who flew during this period, but it also violates the property rights of the airlines that collected that data. Instead of being compensated for the information they’ve collected, the TSA (hereafter to be known by the acronym TAY-za) just says, “Stand and Deliver!” without subpoena or judicial process.

It’s a continuation of a dangerous precedent that starts with eminent domain and what’s next? Source code for applications so that Homeland Security can audit it? The contents of an author’s first draft manuscript to ensure it’s not incitement of some sort? Your grandmother’s brownie recipe to make sure it lacks hashish?

But the government continues to find new and innovative ways to get private property from us, ainna?

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