Easy Target

I stopped reading an article entitled “Lawyers argue over $50 fee designed to replenish fund that helps poor“, before I got to the “The Internationale”. Actually, I stopped pretty much after the first couple of paragraphs:

What’s $50 to a lawyer? A nice lunch or a designer tie?

For many lawyers, $50 amounts to not even one billable hour.

But a proposal to assess members of the State Bar of Wisconsin $50 to help pay for civil legal services for the poor has led to a pretty strong debate among attorneys.

Without the $50 assessments, the foundation that helps fund legal service programs will be broke and out of business soon, said Deborah M. Smith, past president of the Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation.

I didn’t make it to the part at the bottom where the socialism-loving journalist decides that she’s going to kick in any of her salary to help out. But then again, as a crusading journalist out to reallocate the funds of other people, she’s contributing enough just framing stories in a right-minded fashion.

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