Cori Dauber: Apostate

Cori Dauber, the Ranting Professor, demonstrates apostasy:

Via Instapundit, rather than just link to the apology, I’m linking to Lileks wonderful response where, as always, you need to scroll down past the blather about his daily life — unless you care about his trip to retrieve his daughter’s Barbie — but keep reading past the Guardian’s apology because the section on Bill Maher and the Canadians is just too good to miss.

Obviously, Dauber does not embrace La Vida Lileks as she should. Why, since I have become an acolyte, I have found more meaning in my life. I clean house amid my paying home-based job during the day. I pilgrimmate to my local Target for household wares. I make snarky and sometimes clever turns of phrase on my Web site (thanks for visiting!). I seek to emulate Lileks in all aspects of my life.

Lileks’ daily Bleats serve as a guide for my day-to-day existence.

To call it blather is to undermine my very being. How dare Dauber? How dare she, indeed!

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