Sending a Message

This story in the Denver Post sends an interesting message to citizens following DOJ instructions to BOLO for terrorist suspects:

2 suspected al-Qaeda agents dropped in for meal, says Denny’s manager in Avon

The FBI office in Denver has received “numerous” calls about the seven people believed to be associated with al-Qaeda pictured Wednesday in newspapers.

Monique Kelso, spokeswoman for the Denver office, wouldn’t characterize the calls as “sightings,” but at least one was reported as such.

Samuel Mac, manager of the Denny’s in Avon, isn’t happy with the response he got from the FBI when he reported that two of them ate at his restaurant Wednesday.

That’s the set-up. Here’s the punchline:

But she [Monique Kelso, spokeswoman for the Denver FBI field office] said the FBI has no reason to believe any of the seven are in Colorado or traveling through.

Got that? If you think you see any of the suspects, call the authorities, who won’t find your information believable.