You Down with DDT?

Virginia Postrel comments on a Tina Rosenberg NYT Magazine article:

Two million people a year, most of them little kids, are dying because of the West’s anti-DDT superstition. Two…million…people…a…year.

Anti-DDT taboos undoubtedly kill even more than that, since the debilitation caused by malaria helps keep Africa desperately poor. But, hey, they’re Africans. We got rid of malaria here, so we don’t give a damn. I bet the NYT Mag gets letters from people outraged at Rosenberg’s audacity in pointing out the problem.

Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows rebuts:

hey farmer farmer
put away the DDT
i dont care about spots on my apples [and, apparently, two million dead people on a continent far away –ed.]
leave me the birds and the bees

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