Important Note for Women Readers

Dear women readers:

MSN Dating and Personals offers 7 sure signs he’s a mama’s boy. They are, to sum up:

  1. If you’re talking to him on the phone, if his mother interrupts through call waiting as you tell him you’re not wearing underwear, he’ll talk to her instead.
  2. He talks to her a lot on the phone.
  3. He cancels a date in which you will not be wearing underwear to help her move furniture.
  4. He quotes his mother a lot.
  5. He compares you to his mother a lot.
  6. His mother decorated his house.
  7. His mother visits his home frequently.

Ladies, that’s a lot to remember. You want to know how to tell a mama’s boy, as depicted above, in one step? 1. Real men are beating him up right now. That’s a lot easier, isn’t it?

Besides, the minute you have announced to a real man that you have no underwear on, we’re on our way to meet you. We’re not going to talk to our mothers. We’re probably not even going to follow any conversation really well. If you say you’re feeling a draft and a man acknowledges call waiting at all, he’s not a mama’s boy, he’s trying to pass to spare her the pain of coming out.

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