Health Update

Via Fark (of course), we have this important health update: Guinness is good for you.

Yes, Guinness apparently, according to certain resarch:

  • Helps prevent heart disease; since my family has a history of heart disease, I better up my dosage just to be safe.
  • Is an important source of vitamin B, which has suddenly gained importance for its rationalization benefits.
  • Has less carbs than other beers. It also has less carbs than eating a whole confetti cake each night, and since I have to do one or the other….
  • Contains less alcohol by volume than other beers, which means I can drink more without forgetting where the bottle opener is.

Unfortunately, the article also contains disturbing news:

It’s a favorite of Bono (obviously), Madonna (with a good cigar) and Matt Damon (no, Guinness does not make teeth unnaturally white).

Even given these side effects, we at MfBJN recommend a healthy daily supplement.