Written By A Non Technical Person

From the Financial Times story describing the coming yawn search engine conflict:

Yahoo on Wednesday raised the stakes in the internet search wars as it abandoned Google in favour of using an in-house search engine on its own web sites.

With Microsoft waiting in the wings to launch a rival technology of its own, the move sets up a three-way struggle that will challenge Google’s recent dominance of internet searching.

The coming battle reflects the emergence of search as the internet’s “killer application” since the rise of Google. With more people using a search engine as the starting point whenever they go online, whether to find information or products to buy, control of search has become central to the ambitions of all three companies.

Spare me. When was the last time you used the search feature in Windows? Come on, you know how to do it. Select Start > Search…. or press the Windows key and F. What, don’t use it much, if at all? Searching the Internet is a supplemental technology at best. I don’t know of many people who have Google as their starting point, nor any search engine. Personally, I don’t use a toolbar for searches and I ignore whenever Internet Explorer wants to search for me.

As people become more mature and Internet-aware, search engines will fall by the wayside. When I’m on the Internet, I tend to know where I want to go, and if I use a search engine, I use it to find content, not its paid advertisers.

Sorry, Uncas Ray, John, and Vinod.

(Link seen on Outside the Beltway.)