Law Of Averages Leaving Some Students Behind

The pièce de résistance of a piece de commentary in the Sacramento Bee is:

    “I don’t doubt that Jim Sweeney loves children and had dedicated his life’s career to improving education,” she said. “The school district has done some wonderful things … but (on state tests) half the students are still below the 50th percentile. That’s a problem.”

Sacramento City Councilwoman Lauren Hammond apparently wants all students to be above average. And she’s right. For two long, the law of averages has been a TOOL OF OPPRESSION designed to WRECK THE SELF-ESTEEM of otherwise talented adolescents of all ages. To be a truly effective school administrator, you must ensure that all students achieve the same level of suckcess, which probably means lowering the double bars of the equals sign until the only standard applied is “better than nothing.”

(Link seen on Best of the Web Today.)

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