When It’s -458 Degrees Outside

Catastrophic cold comes to Britain!

ICEBOX BRITAIN UK weather forecast – Snow to hit this weekend as temperatures plunge to bone-chilling 1C

Sweet Christmas, 1C is just a little above absolute zero, where all motion stops! Britain will be devastated!

Wait a minute, someone has just informed me that 1C is actually just above freezing. 1 K[elvin] on the other hand, is very cold indeed.

You know, I read somewhere that Britain once was a globe-striding colossus and that its photographers once scaled the Himalayas practically barefoot for fun, but I’m having trouble believing that when its newspapers hype up 1C temperatures.

You know what we call 1C in Wisconsin? Late spring.

I went to pick up my boys from school today, and it was 1C and raining. And I didn’t put on a coat.

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