Let 1000 Internet Conspiracy Theories Bloom

Breitbart tells CPAC: I have videos of Obama in college and they’ll come out during the election

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

I’m listening to Jay Weber on the radio now, and already people are calling in to muse if something happened to him and bringing up the number of heart attacks in the Clinton administration.

I’m going the opposite direction: I see the URL for the post says draft. It’s March 1. All the news reports are reporting what the Web site says, and there’s no independent confirmation (see the current LA Times story.

My personal hopeful conspiracy theories are that this is a misscheduled April 1 joke or stunt to prove how intolerant the left is.

Because, damn, they don’t make many men like Andrew Breitbart, and I would hate to lose one.

UPDATE: Apparently, AP has done some journalism or something and confirmed it from sources not preceded with BIG. Well, damn.