Battle of the Gritty Authentic Female Musicians

You think Michael Ironside vs Tommy Lee Jones would be a rumble? Well, you’re right.

However, I’ve been thinking about another match-up: The Battle of the Gritty Authentics:

Ani “Folk You” DiFranco
Pi “I Go By One Name I Got No Place for a Nickname” nk

Both of them do in-your-face, unapologetic songs that describe the modern female condition. While Pink‘s undoubtedly got a size advantage over the Pierced Pixie and has had radio-played hit songs, Ani DiFranco built her own record label with her bare hands, enduring the heat and the thousand tiny cuts and callouses that the endeavor inflicted, and no one would ever compare Ani to damn Britney Spears–Ani would garrote the offender with a spare guitar string on the spot.

Advantage: DiFranco!


Headline makes it sound like I’ve lost my job. Not yet.

Kelly has, however, included me in the latest Cul-De-Sac blog round-up at Suburban Blight. She’s got me listed for my review of The McBain Brief.

Maybe it’s good that I’m not mentioning that some of the books I review are twenty or more years old. Makes my site appear more current and relevant than it is, and hides that I don’t necessarily share a fetish for contemporary and important books that some bloggers have.